Board Members

New Dorp Business Improvement District

New Dorp Business Improvement District (NDBID), also known as New Dorp Lane District, is a non-profit organization serving the business community along New Dorp Lane, between Richmond Road and Hylan Boulevard. NDBID’s mission is to enhance the New Dorp economy by promoting public and private investment, providing services and events to the community, and encouraging responsible and sustainable development, all of which improve the quality of life and to enhance the economic vitality of the corridor. NDBID is a partner to local property owners, merchants, residents, elected officials, and community organizations and strives to make New Dorp Lane District an exciting, clean and safe place to live, work and play.

Engage with New Dorp Lane District

  1. As a business along New Dorp Lane District, you are automatically a member of the Business Improvement District (BID).
  2. Reach out to the BID to let us know about your promotions, challenges and business needs.
  3. Participate in our events to help publicize your store and drive more foot traffic.
  4. Make sure we have your contact information to share updates, events, and important policy matters.

Name: Carmine DeSantis

Title: Chairman

Company: PS Finance

Address: 183 New Dorp Lane

Name: Maria Carrozza

Title: Vice Chair

Company: Cake Chef Companies

Address: 177 New Dorp Lane

Name: Frank DiTommaso

Title: Treasurer

Company: DiTommaso Real Estate

Address: 113 New Dorp Plaza

Name: Meenu Kumar

Company: Taste of India II

Address: 287 New Dorp Lane

Name: Andrew Guido

Address: New Dorp Central Civic Association

Name: Estera Alvarado

Title: Sips and Maker

Address: 312 New Dorp Lane

Name: Frank Bennett

Title: A.F. Bennett Salon & Wellness Spa

Address: 350 New Dorp Lane

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Name: Maria Esposito

Company: Norman Heil Insurance Inc

Address: 147 New Dorp Lane

Name: Philip Guarnieri

Company: Empire State Bank

Name: Ray Parascando

Company: Crossroads Church

Address: 168 New Dorp Lane

Name: Luanne Sorrentino

Company: Mrs Rosemary's Dance School

Address: 5 New Dorp Plaza

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Name: Joseph Marino

Title: Property Owner

Name: David Carr

Title: New York City Council Member

Address: 50th District

Name: Brad Lander

Title: New York City Comptroller